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At Least We Didn't Call It Freedom Open

June 05, 2004

I thought it was ugly pro-American bias when, let's say, a Belgian would win a Grand Slam tennis tournament and be relegated to the inner pages of your sports coverage. Now I see another bias at work.

Could it be that sex sells? How else can you explain the large, full-color Serena Williams fashion statement on page 1 after her loss to Jennifer Capriati in the French Open quarterfinals, while a small, unflattering, black and white photo of sister American Capriati was buried on page last?

Jeanine D'Elia

Granada Hills


Mary Carillo's inane and didactic perceptions are all the more irritating by the fact that she can't shut up during points. It's also frustrating to know that such obnoxious commentary comes from somebody who never did a thing in singles on the women's circuit.

Axel Hubert

Santa Monica

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