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Tough to Find Answers in the Bryant Case

June 05, 2004

Is this "Helen Reddy Month" or what? Two weeks running, The Times has printed mindless letters from women, uh, dressing down Kobe for his indiscretions in Colorado.

Two weeks ago it was Pat Clough taking Kobe's "You can't imagine what I've gone through" comment out of context, and ripping him because he "can't keep his pants on"; adding that "it is the young lady's life that's been turned upside down."

Well, boo-hoo, Pat. That young lady knew full well that Kobe is married and consented to have sex with him in his room. What happened after that, only God, Kobe and the girl know for sure. Not you, Pat.

Last week Jana Iriarte complained that it's unfair that Kobe's having a great season, whimpering that "you have disproved the theory that personal troubles negatively affect professional life. What a tragic message." What "theory" is that, Jana?

These and other "holier than thou" letters only drive home the point that we should all make sure our own kitchen is in order before whining and taking to task people in the limelight.

Gregg Freeman

Simi Valley


If Kobe Bryant did sexually assault the 19-year-old in Colorado, his amazing performances after flying back from the Colorado courtroom are not acts of heroism. But if he didn't assault her, then those same basketball exploits do, in some way, become special indeed.

The only problem, of course, is that we may never know the truth.

Paul Zemanek

Santa Monica

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