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Ronald Reagan 'Made a Patriot Out of Me'

June 07, 2004

I never met Ronald Reagan. But I admired him from a distance. His persona, his convictions and beliefs, his style and his love for our country forged me into who and what I am today. He made a Republican out of me.

Although I was from another country, whose soldiers fought and died side by side with those of the U.S. for the cause of freedom, I completely embraced this "land of the free and home of the brave," which has given so much to me and my family by way of the opportunities to advance through the merits of one's personal hard work and dedication. He made a patriot out of me.

This great man, Ronald Reagan, touched me by his patriotism. I now belong to a fraternity of friends and brothers whose patriotism is recognized as second to none. And so today, to the late President Reagan, in your honor and in your memory, I can proudly say that you made me "bleed red, white and blue." Our deepest condolences to First Lady Nancy Reagan.

Ted Galsim


Ronald Reagan sooner or later won the hearts of most all Americans and most of the world. Perhaps because he was a Democrat first and then a Republican, he was able to understand both sides of the "house." But for whatever reason, President Reagan really did make us proud to be Americans. At that time, when we traveled to other countries, people were in awe of Americans.

Ronald Reagan was a genuine patriot. He was a full-time president who supported women's rights, did a good job with the economy and didn't advocate changing our Constitution, flaunt his religion or antagonize world leaders. He'll be sorely missed.

Elinor Gustafson

Thousand Oaks

While a lot of people seem to be busy beatifying President Reagan, these are the events of his presidency that stick most vividly in my mind: a criminal mishandling of the AIDS crisis, an unprecedented run-up of the federal deficit and handing over the Republican Party agenda to the Christian right. With a legacy like that, for the sake of his family, I hope he can rest in peace.

Jay Soloway


On the domestic front, Reagan's supply-side economics ruined the economy to help the rich. His environmental policies were an ecological disaster. And on the geopolitical scene, he funded terrorist groups in Latin America and spent money to train and arm the extremists who founded the Taliban and Al Qaeda, including Osama bin Ladin.

Martin Michaelson

Los Angeles

I suggest the following epitaph for Ronald Reagan's presidency: He borrowed from the future to live in the past.

Mark Field

Los Angeles

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