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A Thankful Release, a Brave Protector

June 07, 2004

No matter what you thought of President Reagan politically, let us all today celebrate his passing if for no other reason than that he and his family have escaped the nightmare of Alzheimer's disease. My grandmother, an incredibly dignified woman, spent the last 10 years of her life suffering the indignities of this awful hell. She knew not who she was, nor did she know us when we visited her to hold her hand with the slimmest of hopes that she might recognize us.

The day she died I thanked God that she was finally released from this awful state. Today I pray that someday soon we can find an answer to this scourge.

Richard Vaczy

Beverly Hills

During her husband's terms in public office, especially when he was president, Nancy Reagan took a lot of criticism from the press and the public for various things, such as "undue influence" and "being overprotective." After his announcement 10 years ago that he had Alzheimer's disease, Mrs. Reagan did an outstanding job of protecting former President Reagan's privacy. She was undoubtedly aided greatly by the Secret Service and trusted friends, but the credit goes to her.

Those of us who have seen firsthand the sad, slow death suffered by Alzheimer's patients know what he must have looked like in death. There was no need for the public to be privy to his last years. Thank you, Mrs. Reagan, for protecting your husband to his death. You are a great woman.

Edward and Helen Saller

Yorba Linda

The most productive way President Bush could honor the passing of Ronald Reagan would be to listen to Nancy Reagan's advice and reconsider his own position on stem cell research.

Jerome S. Kleinsasser


I am deeply saddened at the news of the passing of President Reagan. It was my pleasure to work in his presidential campaigns in 1976, 1980 and 1984 and also to serve as a member of the California Republican delegation during those years. My thoughts and prayers are with the Reagan family. God bless and thank you, Ronald Reagan.

Armand Vaquer


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