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Time for redress?

June 12, 2004

Regarding Booth Moore's "Mourning Decorum's Death" article (June 9).

As the mourners passed by my father's open casket I felt the greatest sense of pride I have ever felt by seeing the procession of clothing that passed by.

A business suit followed by a worn Western shirt and clean jeans with the knees worn through. A fashionable skirt followed by a frayed print housedress.

Clothing told the story of my father in a nutshell that day. Many people loved him. Many people came dressed in the best that they had in order to show that love.

I remember a 16-year-old cousin who wanted so badly to be a pallbearer but was too shy to ask because the best thing he had to wear was a clean white sweatshirt. My mother, evidently looking at mourning differently than Moore does, pinned a pallbearer's carnation to the young man's shirt and sent him to be among the five other men with gratitude.

I am a Democrat. I liked Ronald Reagan. I think it's a testament to him that 106,000 people showed up to bid him farewell -- no matter what they were wearing.

Charlotte Samples

Simi Valley


I couldn't agree more with the sentiments expressed in this article. I live in fear, though, that "a copy of Emily Post" is unknown to the majority of mourners regardless of their age and gender, and that their poor choices in fashion are seen as their right to self-expression, which they will inflict on anyone, any time, any place.

I'm not sure if the establishment of the youth culture bears total responsibility for today's uncovered and baggy look (read sloppy), but I certainly believe that the outer appearance is a reflection of the inner attitude.

Julia Huntsman

Long Beach

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