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Airport Name Proposal Gets Low Ratings

June 12, 2004

Re "Sorry, Duke, but There's a Really Cool TV Show ... " June 9: At the risk of sounding pedestrian, how about we name the John Wayne Airport "Orange County Airport"?

I've always thought that naming it after a moderate actor who was famous for playing at being a cowboy and spent his days sunning on his private beach a bit disconcerting. And naming it after a TV show? Can you imagine the backlash to headlines like " 'The O.C.' Is Canceled," " 'The O.C.' Runs Into Financial Trouble," "Execs at 'The O.C.' in Rehab"? The airport would be in chaos.

No, let's go subtle for once and leave the glam factor to Hollywood. In our current cult of celebrity it would be nice to find something in Southern California that is just plain explanatory. The airport is in Orange County; therefore, it is called Orange County Airport.

Gabrielle S. Hufferd


Based on the thinking of O.C. Supervisor Chris Norby, perhaps the Hall of Administration at 10 Civic Center Plaza in Santa Ana should be renamed "The B.I." for its significance as the home of bad ideas.

Robert M. Brower


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