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U.S. Nuclear Policies Belie Peaceful Goals

June 12, 2004

Re "We Need a Global Attack on Nuclear Proliferation," Commentary, June 7: Thank you, Madeleine Albright and Robin Cook, for concisely outlining the crucial need for results at the G-8 summit. But I think the final point is the most vital: The nuclear leaders of the world (the U.S. and Russia) must be committed to nonproliferation at home.

The hypocrisy of President Bush calling for disarmament in the rest of the world while simultaneously developing new weapons systems only fuels the fury of the very "rogue nations" and terrorists we claim to be fighting. The U.S. must stop behaving as if the rules we make for the world do not apply to us.

Dawn Charouhas


It's nice to read that Albright never misses a chance to talk down to the people of the United States or to the rest of the world. She has little appreciation for the depth of the program she is proposing. She appears to argue for the U.S. intervening in any country at any time for the universal reason of limiting nuclear development. She fails to mention the three biggest countries that do have weapons.

I smell a bias here. Current history proves how such a program would be abused. Just look at how many weapons of mass destruction were found that were supposed to be in Iraq before the U.S. invasion.

Albright perhaps might want to consider thinking her proposals out before putting them on paper. But we all know from experience that thinking is not a premium skill where Albright is concerned.

Pat Sullivan


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