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Former Officials Denounce Bush

June 15, 2004

Re "Retired Officials Say Bush Must Go," June 13: Though there is plenty of blame to go around for the weakness of our national security both pre- and post-9/11, if there were such a thing as a "blame-o-matic," it would surely point to the policies of these same officials who, over many years, pooh-poohed the constantly building terrorist threat, worked against maintaining intelligence resources and used the State Department as a lobbying group to sabotage our security interests -- often in conflict with the president. Why don't they just be gone?

David Blitz

Los Angeles

Hopeful news at last. Ambassadors, admirals and generals with lifetimes of dedicated government service in the Reagan, Bush Sr. and Clinton administrations, with acute knowledge of different countries and their histories and professional convictions that military commands are not "Ready, fire, aim," are this day speaking the truth.

There will be ridicule and opposition. There was even a response from a Bush administration ally saying that after 9/11, everything changed. Have these people never read a whodunit?

Mary Gribble

San Marino

You guys are so predictable! The 26 ex-diplomats you put in your sub-headline consist of Clinton administration appointees, Carter administration appointees and State Department officials who were responsible for the foreign policy that led to 9/11, as well as many of the previous attacks. These were the people who emboldened the terrorists. How about telling them they are the ones responsible and we don't need their advice?

Jon Arnett

Palos Verdes Estates

The group of ex-diplomats and military brass who plan to issue a joint statement Wednesday urging the president's defeat presents a real dilemma for George W. Bush and his handlers. With a total of 26 who intend to sign the statement, the White House won't know whose character to attack first.

Chase Webb

Branscomb, Calif.

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