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Savoring the controversy

June 16, 2004

Emily Green's story on hosting a lunch to celebrate a gay friend's marriage, "Here's to Love (and Lunch)" (June 2) elicited more than 25 letters -- overwhelmingly appreciative, though several were critical.

Thank you for providing me with a good cringe! That was one of the most obnoxious foodie articles in a long time. Keep up the good work! More articles about your fancy, well-connected friends who live a life maybe only 1% or 2% of your readers can relate to are needed. I want to know all about your friends in the food industry and where they shop for outrageously expensive shirts they don't mind cooking in.

You go, girl!

Adina Lerner

Los Angeles

What a terrific article! In the casual, loving way you describe your friends, their affection for one another and the luncheon you threw for them, you have managed to normalize something that is so foreign to many. Talk about your everyday activist. Erik and his husband are most lucky to have a friend like you.

Hillel Wasserman

Studio City

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