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He May Be Up a Creek Without a Doctor

June 16, 2004

Re "Sued a Physician, Did You? The Doctor Won't See You Now," Commentary, June 13: On the same day The Times ran the anti-doctor commentary by Jamie Court, the anti-lawyer resolution was soundly booed down by almost all the physicians at the American Medical Assn. meeting, even after it was withdrawn. Physician-bashing people like Court should wait and expand more on what really happened at the AMA meeting.

Leon Forman

Fountain Valley


Add Court to the list of patients I will not treat. Why? I cannot, in good conscience, make unbiased medical decisions and have only the patient's welfare at heart while under real (or perceived) threat. Physicians are not against legitimate malpractice cases but are fighting against the litany of frivolous lawsuits. The majority of malpractice cases are, indeed, frivolous, while the majority of "malpractice" goes unnoticed -- there is a major disconnect.

The farce of medical malpractice is that it fails to remedy the problem. Trial lawyers have only their financial interests in mind, not that of the client. They can make millions from a single case with only a small percentage actually ending up with the client. Trial attorneys add millions of dollars of unnecessary cost to healthcare and have done nothing to improve it. Good luck finding a doc, Jamie.

Aaron Kern MD


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