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A Blockful of Nuisance From Tiny Motorbikes

June 17, 2004

I want to thank you for "Small-Scale Motorcycles Worry Safety Officials," your informative June 14 article on pocket bikes. This past Sunday, four or five adults on pocket-sized motorcycles raced around our block for over an hour. The sound, something like a Suzuki high on helium, caused me to close the windows on a beautiful day. These terrorists on wheels not only ruined my afternoon, but I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if one crashed into a full-sized SUV.

Now that I know they were breaking the law, I'll not hesitate to file a complaint with local police, which is more responsible than what I wanted to do: Hit the riders with water balloons.

Kathy Miller



I found your article about small-scale motorcycles intriguing. It failed to note, however, the proliferation of the smaller type, two-wheeled motorized scooters. This version has wheels only about three inches in diameter, and the rider stands up on it. It is unstable and dangerous to ride on uneven surfaces. Besides being noisy, they are ridden on sidewalks and streets by youngsters without helmets, licenses, insurance, registration and judgment. What parent would allow a child to be placed in this type of danger?

Steve Bensussen

Sherman Oaks

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