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A Lack of Supplies Undermines Our Troops

June 17, 2004

Re "He Needs More Than a Dad's Love," Commentary, June 14: It breaks my heart to read that our soldiers in Iraq are e-mailing their families requesting food. According to Nicholas Von Hoffman, his son does not even have enough ammunition. These troops are not even receiving adequate supplies of the basic necessities of life, let alone basic supplies for the job they are trying to do.

Halliburton was awarded the no-bid logistics contract for supplying the soldiers with these necessities. Along with overcharging our government at every opportunity, the Halliburton subsidiary KBR (formerly Kellogg, Brown & Root) has also allegedly risked the lives of its workers to transport empty containers in order to further increase profits. The biggest travesty yet is that despite this bonanza it is not getting the job done. It seems to me our troops are undermined far more by shortages of food and bullets than by the call for better planning and accountability.

Allyson Williams

Newbury Park


Von Hoffman's commentary reminds me of an old slogan. During the 1970s and 1980s, I saw posters and bumper stickers about what a great day it would be when the military had to hold bake sales and schools had all the money they needed.

Now, Von Hoffman's son sits in Iraq waiting for the next attack with inadequate supplies of ammunition and gun oil and having to request essentials like razor blades from family and friends. Now both schools and the military must seek outside funding.

Suzanne T. Reading


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