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The French Dislike Bush Policies, Not Americans

June 19, 2004

I know that Michael Ramirez intended in his editorial cartoon (Commentary, June 15) to take a shot at France for refusing to help when he showed a person labeled "USA" dangling from a cliff and holding a figure labeled "Iraq" in his other hand. I read an additional message in his cartoon, however. If Ramirez was suggesting that we vote out of office a president who has allowed us to get into such a position, it may be one of the few Ramirez cartoons that I agree with.

Larry W. Cohen



I just returned from a week in Normandy, touring the area for the 60th anniversary of D-day. Throughout Normandy, French and American flags flew together. There were signs of welcome and thankfulness everywhere.

Every single day my father was unexpectedly greeted and personally thanked for his sacrifice and their liberation by strangers in restaurants and markets and on the street. It was a complete surprise to us after hearing how anti-American the French are. We found the French to be gracious, friendly and thoroughly happy to greet the returning veterans.

Many made it clear that it's not the Americans they don't like, it's the current administration and its policies on Iraq. They are able to separate the two, something many Americans seem incapable of or unwilling to do.

Thank you, Normandy, for making our remembrance trip a memorable one.

Janet Evans Emery


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