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Neocons Have Proved Wildly Incompetent

June 19, 2004

Re "Rumors of the Neocons' Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated," Commentary, June 16: Jacob Heilbrunn may be right that neoconservatism is not dead, but it is certainly discredited. The notion that we could make war on countries to make them friendly democratic regimes has been proven as stupid as it sounds.

So the neocons' targets in the next four years are Iran and Syria? And just what will be done about these regimes? The American people will not swallow another round of outrageous and alarmist fear-mongering to provide cover for attacking a nation that hasn't attacked us.

We have found out that we went to war and that more than 800 U.S. soldiers had to die so some fringe political movement could test out a crackpot foreign policy theory. The theory is dead on arrival.

Whether the neocons remain in their current positions or even assume greater ones within the administration, their credibility with the public is low.

They may have the ear of the president, as Heilbrunn argues, but a democracy does not go to war without public approval. They got it for Iraq and blew it. They won't get it again.

As far as I can determine, preventive warfare is the crux of their doctrine. Without that ability, they are meaningless ideologues.

Let them remain in the administration; they have proved themselves to be wildly incompetent.

Branden Frankel

Newport Beach


Heilbrunn's analysis is right on target. The only sure way to drive a stake through the heart of the neoconservative movement is with the defeat of its pack leader, President George W. Bush.... And let it be done on Nov. 2.

Bob Teigan

Simi Valley

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