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Tracy Not Managing to Make Many Fans

June 19, 2004

Baseball is a business. Jim Tracy is a manager in a business and he has to start acting like one. To have an asset like Eric Gagne and not utilize him in a greater role is unforgivable.

To see the Dodgers back in Boston with a .238 hitter in the cleanup spot is woeful. How low does Shawn Green's batting average have to sink before Tracy takes action? Doesn't Tracy watch batting practice?

I'm 71 years old, and I can hit .238. My wife asked, "Who would run for you?" I explained with that kind of money, I could hire someone.

Raymond G. Boyd



In Sunday's Times, Jim Tracy said that the Dodgers are "not too far away from being a very good team." He's right. They're one manager away.

Kevin Holten

Manhattan Beach


I have had enough of Jim Tracy's managing to last a lifetime. The Dodgers are third in the league in hitting, but near the bottom in runs scored. Tracy does not know how to manage a team, create run-scoring opportunities, or give his team a chance to win. Plus, he keeps running Nomo out there every five days for a loss. I guess he is rewarding Nomo for his past seasons' work.

It's time for a change, and I hope the McCourts do not wait until the end of the year. The division is up for grabs, but not with this manager.

Steve Owen

Solana Beach

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