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Winners and Losers in California Gaming

June 20, 2004

Re "Momentum Builds Toward Casino Deals," June 17: If just a few Indian tribes can pay an immediate $1 billion in cash to the state for the exclusive right to run full-service casinos, doesn't that tell the politicians in Sacramento how much potential revenue there would be in allowing Californians to decide whether to allow Vegas-style gaming on a county-by-county basis? For decades we've seen jobs and tax revenue go to Nevada needlessly. With this deal with the tribes, the best solution to our financial mess could be lost forever. The tribes know a good thing when they see it. Too bad no one in Sacramento has the same ability.

Ron Walker

Dana Point


It seemed to me when Californians voted to allow Indian tribes to have casinos that we had entered into a Faustian bargain. Now it is being proved. We are way past even considering whether gambling is an appropriate industry; we now just want our cut.

The Indian tribes have seen through us -- and know that they are holding the winning hand.

Annie Ayala Jelnick

Huntington Beach

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