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Moving D-day memories

June 20, 2004

Susan SPANO'S mission on the 60th anniversary of D-day in search of her father's experiences ["Normandy Mission," June 6] evoked fond memories for my husband and me.

We were pre-teenagers, he in the States and I in Scotland, when the invasion was staged and carried out.

Ten years ago, we spent a marvelous six weeks in England and on the Continent, exploring the sites we had noted with such great interest half a century before.

One anecdote stands out in my memory of our 1994 trip. We were in Weymouth, England, at the pier where troop carriers loaded and sailed with the invasion force. A woman recalled the Yanks throwing all their British change to the crowd. She felt sad because it signaled that they didn't expect to return. It was a bittersweet farewell.

Margaret Lawrence

San Diego


My father -- were he living he would be 106 -- commanded the Liberty ship Louis Kossuth in the Normandy invasion. For a long time I have planned to visit the Normandy beaches, a desire made stronger by becoming a first-time father seven years ago. We will make that trip, a desire warmed and informed by Spano's piece.

Antonio Rossmann

San Francisco


I am a Vietnam vet, and Spano's experiences were especially poignant and moving. By the time I was finished reading about them, on my return flight from L.A. -- and it took a good while because I kept wiping away the tears -- I was a weeping fool. Thank you for that special experience.

Rick Schwab

Fort Worth

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