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Nader Again Is a Factor in a Presidential Contest

June 21, 2004

Re "Nader, Although Weaker, May Reprise His Spoiler Role," Commentary, June 18: Though Charles Cook's column does provide some interesting facts and figures, it fails to address the real issues.

The idea that Ralph Nader caused Al Gore to lose the 2000 presidential election is not only ludicrous but has become a convenient excuse for Gore and the Democratic Party to escape having to admit they failed to run an effective campaign. It also conveniently disregards the fact that although Gore won the national popular vote by a wide enough margin to secure the presidency, President Bush effectively used the electorate to steal the election in Florida, while the Democratic Party sat back and let it happen.

I will vote for Nader for two reasons: He is the only candidate who is being honest with the American people, and he represents the second party of what has become a two-party race. I will also vote for any candidate who supports abolition of the electoral college. It's outdated and it doesn't represent the voice of the people.

David Eccles



Nader is well aware that he's the spoiler. In fact, it is the role this dog in the manger seeks and cherishes. It's his penalty upon those who ignore his enlightened leadership.

Those dumb enough to vote for Nader deserve what they get. The rest of us don't.

Jerry Buck

Sherman Oaks

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