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Two Votes for Rejecting Bush and His Policies

June 21, 2004

Re "Changing Warhorses in Midstream," Commentary, June 17: Michael Barone's comparison of Bush and Lincoln is beyond bizarre. The last sentence of his piece, however, "Throwing out this president would make a difference," is correct.

In a dramatic reversal of past elections, Americans would at last be rejecting blatant imperialism, war for oil, unjustifiable preemptive aggression, an unending stream of lies, corporate greed and war profiteering, and the deaths of so many Americans and the citizens of nations we attack. Let's do it!

Ann Bourman

Los Angeles


Neither my husband nor I likes either candidate, but my husband's position (like Barone's) is that things won't change much if we vote Sen. John Kerry into office. I'm not so naive to think that "Iraq-gate" is going to be resolved if Kerry gets into office. The only reason I'll vote for Kerry is to make a statement to the world that Bush's policies (particularly foreign policies) are unacceptable. If Kerry does win, then at least we have a chance to get back on course with our global partners.

Jill Watkins

Corona del Mar

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