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Get yer scorecard

Pocket Naturalist Guides Brian Cassie, photos by Kjell Sandved Waterford Press, $5.95

June 22, 2004|Susan Dworski

Was that flash of yellow an American goldfinch or a yellow-rumped warbler?

What's the difference between a garter and a gopher snake?

Was the one that got away a cutthroat trout or a brookie?

Snap open your laminated, folding Pocket Naturalist Guide and, rest assured, you'll never again mistake a marmot for a mink.

Each guide includes illustrations featuring mammals, birds, rocks, even bugs and invasive and medicinal plants.

Touted as "Cliff Notes for backpackers," this lightweight, durable series covers a lot of local outdoor territory, with entries on California birds, trees and wildflowers and seashore life.

High-rise denizens can tuck "Urban Wildlife" into a briefcase to illuminate inner-city sorties.

Safety-conscious outdoor lovers will find "Wilderness Survival" and "Emergency First Aid" well worth slipping into a rucksack.

The guides are advertised for novice naturalists, but they're handy for experts, too.

-- Susan Dworski

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