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Your loss is a digital gain

Topo USA 5.0 DeLorme, $99.95

June 22, 2004|Michael Koehn

As someone continually mired in MS Word, I could use a map to find my way back to the non-work station world.

This sophisticated mapping and navigation software will more than do it, incorporating features that can point the way from the glowing screen to big skies and open roads.

With high-resolution displays, Topo USA provides instant access to any part of the country.

That includes 74,500 miles of trails located in national parks and some 300,000 miles of trails overall.

Want to map your drive to a tricky trailhead? Done. Need to find a route to your ultimate hiking destination? Click.

The program also allows you to select any route, road, highway, trail or stream and get an instant topographical cutaway, with elevation gain or loss and degree of difficulty. You can also download GPS coordinates and aerial photography to add details to the existing imagery. And, if you really need it to go, you can download Topo USA to your PDA.

-- Michael Koehn

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