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Clinton's Story in the Eyes of His Beholders

June 22, 2004

Lately, it's been very disconcerting to turn on the TV and see former President Bill Clinton on so many stations. He is hawking his new book and oozing his usual charm to draw us in. It's been a pleasure the past few years not to have been subjected to him and memories of his sordid past. Clinton made a mockery of the presidency with his sexual encounters and lies -- and all within the White House itself.

The tragedy is that his popularity seems to mirror the morality of the American public and will ensure the success of this latest endeavor. It's no wonder the world looks on us with such disgust and disdain.

Mary J. Monk

San Clemente

Re Michael Ramirez's June 20 editorial cartoon on Clinton's book (Commentary): Obviously, the woman with her hands covering the child's eyes is reading the pages describing Kenneth Starr's actions during his investigation of President Clinton.

David Hiovich

Los Angeles

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