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Immigration Overload in U.S. Hospitals

June 23, 2004

In reading "A Hospital on Border Going Over the Edge" (June 20), I was struck with an obvious solution. The Mexican government needs to step up and pay for the treatment of its citizens in American hospitals. I don't blame the immigrants themselves; if jobs and a decent wage were available in their own country, they would not risk life and limb to come here. The fact is, donated goods for clinics are used by drug runners or sit in warehouses because of the "complexities of Mexican bureaucracy" -- in other words, corruption throughout the Mexican government.

Instead of traveling through America's heartland (June 19), President Vicente Fox should be in Mexico fixing the corrupt government that he heads. If these hospitals close, then the next articles you will be reading about will be the deaths of hundreds of immigrants because there are no facilities here or across the border open to help them. I also propose that the U.S. government pay the medical bills of Americans who are injured and treated in other countries and don't pay the bill. This makes everything fair and equal.

Catherine Rivera



Seems to me a sad state of affairs that has caused the closing of many trauma centers and emergency facilities. A policy that these facilities must provide service to all is now breaking the bank. How long will we be required to provide for the primary and emergency needs of nonpaying illegals?

We all suffer if every medical facility has to close its doors. A game is being played, and we are the losers. A network has been established on how to receive aid from our coffers. Provisions to obtain food, medical help and free education are only the top layer of this wonderful reservoir of funding. How long can we support this pork barrel? I am getting weary of this charity.

Ira Kaplan

Woodland Hills

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