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Kinsley Weighs In on Political Optimism

June 24, 2004

Re "The Trouble With Optimism," Commentary, June 22: Just as I was about to suggest that The Times simply put "Vote for John Kerry" on its masthead and not waste our time on another one of its subliminal campaigns for the Democratic presidential nominee, along comes the new editorial and opinion editor, Michael Kinsley.

I had been wondering why he would venture out West during an election year and miss all the excitement elsewhere.

Everyone knows that California's a lock for Kerry. Or is it? After reading the first of what is sure to be many columns picking apart "George W. Sunshine," it hit me. The liberals are worried! Apparently Arnold's popularity and success in Sacramento is a direct threat to the Democratic hold on California's electoral votes.

As, in Kinsley's own words, they have a "vivid awareness that things can go wrong," this should make every Republican optimistic.

Kathy Brown



I am happy to welcome Kinsley to L.A. I've long been a fan of his quick mind and clear thinking.

His column called to mind the following quote from Georges Sorel, which I just stumbled across this week: "The optimist in politics is an inconstant and even dangerous man because he takes no account of the great difficulties presented by his projects.... If he possesses an exalted temperament, and if unhappily he finds himself armed with great power, permitting him to realize the ideal he has fashioned, the optimist may lead his country into the worst disasters."

Gerald S. Rellick

Santa Ana

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