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There's a madness in his method

June 26, 2004

Rap star Method Man sounds like an intelligent guy, but his complaints about the new show "Method & Red" are disingenuous at best ["Rap Star Says Fox Keeps Show Too Unreal," by Greg Braxton, June 19].

Did he really think the honchos at Fox would be interested in airing a gritty urban comedy without a laugh track? Please. Network TV executives, and the advertisers they shill for, are in the business of peddling comfort; to them, Will Smith in Bel-Air is pushing the envelope.

If Method Man wanted to keep his show "real," he should have taken it to cable TV.

Bonnie Sloane

Los Angeles


Poor Method Man. Sells out to Fox to make a buck, then whines because his material is being watered down. It's network TV!

Pete Stone

Long Beach

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