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Tiger or Kitten?

June 26, 2004

In commenting on his poor performance at the U.S. Open, Tiger Woods, in speaking about the condition of the course, said, "Don't make it so out of control and unfair." Earth to Tiger: If the course is the same for everyone, it's not unfair.

Jack Wolf



Even to these inexpert eyes, Tiger Woods is a different golfer these days. Apparently he committed the cardinal sin -- he tried to fix something that wasn't broken.

Jack Tracy

Port Hueneme


While watching Retief Goosen last weekend, I noticed:

a) No obscenity-laced tirades.

b) No amateur photographers were flattened.

c) No fist pumps -- not even after any of his 11 one-putt greens Sunday.

How refreshing is that?

Gene Miller

Huntington Beach

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