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'The Blob' Is One B-Movie With Legs


It was "Mad Movie" night at Cinespace, the Hollywood cinema-restaurant-lounge hybrid, and the L.A. Connection comedy troupe was spoofing the 1958 immortal sci-fi/horror classic "The Blob," dubbing in its own dialogue as the movie was being played. The group has performed numerous "Blob" riffs, including a talking-Blob spoof available on DVD as "Blobbermouth." This time around, the troupe had the Blob vying with the film's star, Steve McQueen, for a gig as a standup comic on "The Tonight Show." Originally produced by Jack H. Harris for $140,000, "The Blob" and its slithering red ooze just won't go away: "Son of Blob" materialized in 1972 and a "Blob" remake is slated for release in 2005 (projected budget: $80 million). We asked a few terrified earthlings at the "Mad Movie" screening to explain the box-office appeal of malevolent silicone goop.

Rob Joseph

47, Valencia, engineering sales,

with wife Colleen, 44, and children Nolan,10, and Rowan, 6

Is the Blob a boy or a girl?

He is obviously male because he is voracious in his appetites.

What is the Blob's character motivation?

He wants lots of attention and human flesh. I think he has low self-esteem and an eating disorder.

If the Blob is a metaphor, what does it stand for?

Wal-Mart. He's simple, inexpensive and everywhere. And plastic.

Did you see the original "Blob"?

I did see it, and we remember it affectionately as Steve McQueen in his first really bad movie.

"The Blob's" message?

Whatever you fear will be able to get you. You can't hide, but it's all fantasy, so don't worry.

How would "The Blob" translate around the globe?

There are 191 countries in the U.N. About 150 would like this. The rest have no sense of humor.


Pernell Marsh,

22, Woodland Hills,

production assistant for "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno"

What is the Blob's character motivation?

Probably to be kind of the antihero to the superhero.

What are the Blob's emotional issues?

It always wants to be something that it sees someone else doing. Monkey see, monkey do.

What resembles the Blob in

today's world?

The Blob is a symbol of the monopolies that are taking over the smaller businesses.

Would the original "Blob" be a

hit today?

No, because it didn't really have any special effects. It moves too slow for the MTV generation.

What relevance does "The Blob" have in today's world?

Our world is becoming a big blob. Talk about the U.S. as a melting pot, that's what the world is becoming.


Kent Skov

52, Woodland Hills,

producer-director of "The Blob" screening and voice of the Blob

Is the Blob a boy or a girl?

In our movie it's a boy because we turned the Blob into kind of a Henny Youngman character.

Is the Blob a metaphor?

In this version he's a comedic nuisance who comes from outer space to get on "The Tonight Show."

Describe the Blob's inner life.

His life is silicone and red food coloring.

What are the Blob's emotional issues?

He's not getting enough attention. Everyone seems to run away from him or try to freeze him or put whipped cream on him.

What resembles the Blob today?

Bill Cosby's Jell-O commercials.

Would "The Blob" be a hit today?

There will always be a place in people's hearts for that movie.


Julia Bennett

26, Valley Village,

cast member

What is the Blob's character motivation?

The Blob is like all of us, just an actor trying to hustle and get himself some work.

Describe the Blob's inner conflicts.

The Blob has low self-esteem and is immature. He alienates people. You can't have a lot of friends if you are constantly eating them.

How did you get in character for your ingenue role, "Vaccine"?

By watching old movies where the female lead was basically worthless, annoying, helpless and pathetic.

Would "The Blob" be a hit today?

Today horror movies are glamorous. The Blob is not a very sexy figure.

Is the Blob relevant today?

The Blob strikes at America's nervousness about anthrax and

other evils.

Why is "The Blob" so memorable?

There was no way to stop him. He basically wants to consume the earth.

I think that was really innovative.

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