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Traveling with kids: the joy -- and pain

June 27, 2004

Mary McNAMARA's article ["One Mom's Fantasy of Family-Class Travel," June 20] was wonderful. It should be sent to all the hotel chains in the country and in the world, as well all the airlines and airports.

Ed Newhall

Rolling Hills Estates


We wanted to let you know how enjoyable and inspirational Mary McNamara's Kids on Board article was.

As the mothers of young children, we have experienced all that she listed and more. It is one of the reasons we are exploring how we can make travel not only more fun for ourselves but for other parents.

When we watch those fine-living travel shows or the Travel Channel with their exciting, romantic getaway weekends, we feel left out and a little depressed about trudging to suite hotels for their free breakfasts and dark, stinky rooms.

Where are our cafe au lait and chocolate croissant? Where are our Cosmopolitans and adult conversation? When do we get to go horseback riding in the hills?

We'll keep exploring, but meanwhile, thank you to McNamara for her inspiration and camaraderie.

Terry Ogawa-Taira and

Richelle Rios-Huizar

Los Angeles


Mary McNamara's article suggests some interesting ways for hotels, airports, airlines and restaurants to make her travel days with kids easier to handle.

But I take exception to her comment about childless travelers. Childless travelers don't have any more predilection to drink themselves into a stupor than anyone else. And I doubt they're alone in a preference for a quiet flight. I'd even bet that many parents do enjoy peace and quiet, possibly a cocktail. The distinction may rest in the manners of their children.

Though childless ourselves, my husband and I think kids are great plane companions as long as they're well behaved. If McNamara finds that people give her disgruntled glares, she might want to give consideration to her children's manners. It's not just childless travelers who would appreciate it.

Nancy Trowbridge


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