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Dick Cheney's Private Language

June 28, 2004

Re "Court Lets Cheney Maintain Secrecy," June 25: "Immoderate" would be an overly charitable description of King George II's regime. The royal Supreme Court, with Antonin Scalia fresh from hunting ducks with Tricky Dick Cheney, rules that the Bush cabal need not let the American people know details of the energy task force.

Disgraced Texan Ken Lay, who may be indicted for Enron fraud (June 22), was not only on this task force but also Cheney's close advisor and effectively a Cabinet member. Same Lay who to all intents and purposes declared war on California. His employees are taped saying, "What we need to do is to help in the cause of, ah, downfall of California."

When Bush runs the country as his private banana republic, we need to think not of elections but of impeachment.

Bob Deluca



Re "Cheney Curses at Leahy," June 25: The vice president purports to be a role model for our young people. Perhaps The Times should print the word that Cheney used, which begins with the letter F. One would then have more than a sanitized view of this self-styled righteous individual. Anyone can lose his cool. It's another matter to bandy such language on the Senate floor, the forum of the people.

Michael I. Rudin

Los Angeles

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