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Commuting: Is the Hard Way the Only Way?

March 01, 2004

Re "No Hares in This Rush-Hour Race to the Airport," Feb. 24: Kurt Streeter lost the race to LAX from the Valley but he won the environmental race by using his car for only five minutes and polluting less compared with Sharon Bernstein's car trip as a single-passenger vehicle. He also saved wear and tear on his car, and had there been a real plane flight, Streeter would not have paid for parking. With the increase in traffic showing no signs of abating, the rail route will win.

The race does point out the deficiencies of the Green Line not going to LAX directly and then continuing north through Westchester/Venice/Santa Monica to eventually connect with the Expo Line, now in its conception stages. Streeter could have continued listening to his radio program, if he had a headset. Many current transit riders use them.

Matthew Hetz

Los Angeles


Your piece again raises old questions about the Green Line: Why does it stop short of the LAX terminal? And on its eastern end, why does it stop just short of the Los Angeles-San Diego rail line, which carries both Amtrak and Metrolink? The latter would provide people in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and San Diego counties much easier access to LAX. From San Diego, many airline destinations require an air transfer to LAX, which is costly and time-consuming.

For that matter, why are the Green Line trains not compatible with those on the Blue Line? Then people from downtown L.A., for example, could take Blue Line cars directly to the airport, and vice versa.

Chuck Newton

Del Mar


One question: Where did Bernstein park? You mentioned that she was at a security checkpoint for cars, but unless you are parking in short-term you have to park in the remote lot, which could easily add another 10 to 15 minutes to her trip.

I'm from New York and can't stand the fact that there is no worthwhile transit system out here. There should be a hub at the center of the airport that is fed from the cities outside the area (Long Beach, Riverside, Irvine, Pasadena, etc.). Also, I would love to take the train to and from work, but it doubles to triples my time to get there, and I've learned how to not stress out on the 91 Freeway.

Kevin Raymond


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