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Panel of Laymen Chastises Mahony in Abuse Scandal

March 01, 2004

Re "Mahony Criticized by National Review Panel," Feb. 28: The report of the independent panel of laymen tap-dances around the culpability of the bishops themselves, and Cardinal Roger M. Mahony's refusal to turn over documents is an obstruction of justice. Sexual abuse is a felony. Shielding a felon from prosecution was not only a crime but, in fact, was worse than the original offense because it created more victims. Apparently, the "zero tolerance" policy applies only to priests.

The bishops are so full of self-importance they don't think they have to answer to anyone. But, as is always the case with the arrogance of power, they are as corrupt as those corporate officials we have seen taken away in handcuffs. Justice will not be served until the bishops who aided and abetted sexual abuse are treated the same way.

Forrest G. Wood



Where are the Los Angeles Diocese priests who once worried about their names and profession being dragged in the mud? Embarrassed? Ashamed? I guess I can understand that; I would be too with Mahony as my leader.

Isn't there even one of you with a backbone and the ability to stand up for truth and justice? Why are you not joining the National Review Panel, Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley, Voice of the Faithful, SNAP (Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests) and the thousands of abused children asking -- no, demanding -- that Cardinal Mahony step down? The Catholic Church has lost its credibility and its strength. It is weak. Time to abandon ship. Women, children and clergy first.

Mary Ferrell


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