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More applause for L.A.'s grande dame

March 04, 2004

Thank you for the beautiful article on the Los Angeles Theatre ("To Heck With a Movie; Let the Theater Entertain You," Feb. 26). They certainly do not build anything like that anymore.

I would like to find out if there are tours offered for the public. Please let me know.

Emina Darakjy


Editor's note: Only tours of the exterior of the Los Angeles Theatre are being offered by the Los Angeles Conservancy. The interior is not accessible to the public.


Tears came to my eyes remembering the beautiful old theaters from my youth during the 1930s and '40s.

We lived near Beverly Boulevard and Vermont and had three within walking distance: the Belmont, the Ravenna and the Melrose. My brother and I would walk every weekend to one. I recall the magic of the decor and the excitement waiting for the curtains to part. Sometimes an adult would accompany us on the old Beverly bus downtown to see the large theaters.

Thanks for a quick trip down memory lane. I wish I could recall the name of any theater I go to now!

Diana Beitler Nevis

Garden Grove

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