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Democratic Presidential Candidate Kerry

March 05, 2004

I hope all veterans get registered and vote for Sen. John Kerry for president -- a well-trained politician who just happened to serve, with distinction, in Vietnam. I hope all of us who were there remember that sacrifice was common and unquestioned. And I am proud of a fellow citizen who earned the right to question his government's war. Our problems will not go away with a Democrat in charge. But I will trust a man who has hazarded his life and those of his men, and then asked why. Because tomorrow there will be dangers like Iraq or Haiti or Ivory Coast. I will demand that my commander strike when we must, but understand, personally, the costs. This year, I have a choice.

Tom Sloss

Fountain Valley


Surely your word mavens could have chosen a more appropriate phrase than "Kerry Finishes Off Edwards" (March 3). In light of Sen. John Edwards' mostly positive campaign, a bit demeaning, don't you think?

Lorraine Zemaitis Joyce



So Kerry says President Bush is weak on defense and sent troops to war unprepared. Perhaps, by voting against proposed defense projects, Kerry directly contributed to this so-called "unpreparedness."

The guy is a liar and a big-time hypocrite. I'd never vote for him.

Myron D. Oakes

San Marino


Once again, California is an also-ran and afterthought in the race for president. The biggest state in the union with the most electoral votes, and the major candidates didn't spend a dime advertising here or make any effort to address our crucial issues.

The worst slap in the face was the reporting, while the polls were still open in California, that Edwards would drop out of the race. Couldn't Edwards have waited a few hours before conceding? We should move our primary up a month.

Kennedy Gammage

San Diego


They have already decided who is running in both parties. Hurray! Let us leave the decision of the vice president to the candidate, whose it is anyway.

And now, let us dispense with the conventions: the flag-waving; the money spent, which could be spent in each state for schools, police and fire departments. The conventions all seem to be ego trips for those attending and too much money and time wasted.

Peggy Loew

Los Angeles

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