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Guarding Against On-Air Obscenity

March 06, 2004

Re "KCRW Fires Loh Over Obscenity," March 4: Was anyone at KCRW-FM listening when Sandra Tsing Loh used the F-word during her previously recorded essay? Is that the station's policy -- to merely air whatever it's sent no matter the content? No editor listens first? In other words, could Loh have drowned a cat and no one at KCRW would have known about it until a listener complained?

Now Loh is fired. Sounds like General Manager Ruth Seymour should be the one to step down. It's the station's responsibility to ensure that profanity and gratuitous violence don't air during hours when children could be listening. If Seymour persists in seeking content that will please the Federal Communications Commission -- content so bland that she won't have to be bothered with vetting it first -- Clear Channel's Ryan Seacrest might make a great on-air personality. I, for one, won't be listening.

Anne Bergman

Sherman Oaks

I didn't think it was possible for Seymour to bug me more than during KCRW's pledge weeks. But now she's done it. As a longtime listener/contributor to KCRW, I am disturbed by Seymour's rash firing of Loh. Hey, Ruthie, ever hear of giving a warning? This action only proves to me that KCRW is becoming a wussy shill for its major corporate donors.

Tom Abraham

Los Angeles

Lenny Bruce come home, we need you. The '50s are upon us.

Dennis Baker

Corona del Mar

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