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Actions Testify to Bush's Priorities

March 06, 2004

Re "Bush Joins the Fray in L.A. Visit," March 4: President Bush has made another trip to this state to fill his money sacks. He has spent a large amount of time during his presidency raising funds and, at nearly a year before election time, had the biggest campaign war chest of any president.

This is the same man who can spare only one hour to testify before the 9/11 commission regarding the worst attack made on American soil. Even then, he will only testify (a) in private; (b) not to the full board, only to [its two top officials] and (c) not under oath. His priorities tell us everything we need to know about him.

Phil Rowland

South Pasadena

Re "Bush TV Ads Anger Some Relatives of 9/11 Victims," March 5: Where would Bush be without 9/11? All that would be left is a legacy of complete failure -- job loss, massive deficit, reckless environmental policies, corporate corruption, faulty intelligence, shattered international relations, a divided American populace and irresponsible military actions.

But in his new campaign videos his presidency is juxtaposed with the devastating images of ground zero.

All I know is that both images leave me with a feeling of contempt.

John Wood


I'm proud of President Bush and those in our military, who are ready to quash any perceived dangerous Muslim group or country -- we do not want another 9/11! We have to reelect our president come November.

Arthur Garin

Los Angeles

Re W.'s new Medicare plan that went into effect March 1: I've had an ongoing sinus infection. Two weeks ago, three antibiotics, including a cough syrup, cost a $42.50 co-pay. Today, one name-brand antibiotic costs a $40 co-pay. It consisted of five pills. That's $8 a pill! Shame on you, W. A stop at Arco cost $14.50 for 6.75 gallons of gasoline.

Does W. think he's going to be reelected? The misery index is so high that Mickey Mouse could beat him in November. I'm just a senior citizen who's trying to make ends meet.

Robert Hudson


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