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Voters Indenture Next Generation

March 06, 2004

A reasonable summary of the past five months in California politics would be: The voters of this state approved a $15-billion bond issue so that they could get a check for $100 from the DMV. When are the voters going to get serious and pass legislation outlawing gravity or mandating the perpetual motion machine?

Being a liberal Democrat doesn't mean that I don't understand how to add and subtract. I'm waiting for 60% of the electorate -- liberal and conservative -- to catch up.

Craig Zerouni

Los Angeles

I am writing on behalf of my five grandsons who, unfortunately, are not old enough to vote. However, they do not appreciate their elders, who are supposed to be looking out for their welfare, saddling them with a horrendous future debt by voting for Propositions 57 and 58.

They think we should have the courage to face up to our problems and pay for our own mess. They think that paying $4 billion or more in interest is ridiculous.

For shame!

Ray Rodriguez

Long Beach

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