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Laker Fans Say They Didn't Sign Up for This

March 06, 2004

OK, Dr. Buss, I'll pay the high ticket prices, grudgingly, so you can pay your son-in-law Phil to stick around. But you'll need to do a few things for me, Mr. Common Laker Fan.

First, and above all else, re-sign Kobe. I just got done watching a bunch of gutless impostors lose to the Hawks. That doesn't happen with No. 8 on the floor. Second, and speaking of gutless wonders, waive Devean George, Slava Medvedenko and any other experiment that, let's face it, has just not worked out.

Third, if you're going to ask us to pay the highest prices in the NBA, let me at least see some shame from you (and some fines for players) when the team you field doesn't think it necessary to show up just because all of us and our hard-earned paychecks do. In short, please bring class back to the Lakers. And maybe even a little Magic.

Chris Waters

South Pasadena


I am disgusted with the way Gary Payton has handled his scenario with the lack of minutes he receives and the style of Phil Jackson. Payton signed up for one thing and one thing only, a ring.

Before the season started, the Lakers looked like the Yankees of baseball, but as soon as turmoil pops up, Payton is quick to complain. Did he think that Jackson was going to move away from the triangle offense and implement the pick and roll? Please, Gary, sit back, shut up and measure your ring size.

Jonathon Bernard

Laguna Beach


What Phil Jackson should say to Gary Payton:

"You are a ringless point guard shooting 68% from the free-throw line. Known as 'the Glove,' you get lit up by journeyman point guards (see Speedy Claxton), can't seem to recognize screens, and you missed a game-clinching layup against our archrival. Good time to start whining aloud.

"With your ego, I'm sure you possess enough mirrors, so why not look in one and see what you can do to earn more minutes. Until then I'd rather watch what a proven winner, Derek Fisher, can accomplish with your minutes.

"And just a hint, running your yap and getting tossed out of games will not give you more minutes. I am a winner, Gary. You are a wannabe. Listen to me, or introduce yourself to Mr. and Mrs. Rice. Either way, shut up."

Brad Kleber

Cumberland, R.I.


I would like to offer my services as a consultant to Phil Jackson. I think he could benefit from my experience. I teach 6- and 7-year-olds.

Ellen Brown



When the Lakers win, you thank Kobe Bryant; when they lose, you blame Kobe Bryant.

So I guess it is Kobe's team.

Pamela Walls

Los Angeles

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