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Davis Won't Get Much Love From Readers

March 06, 2004

Davis Love confirmed that golf is a game, not a sport. Sports involve tests of pressure, in not-very-friendly surroundings.

Try knocking down free throws at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks, or how about being a U.S. soccer player trying to play in Azteca Stadium with 120,000 people pelting you with batteries and other things.

Hey, Davis, I remember you dancing all over the green before Jose Maria Olazabal could putt at the 1999 Ryder Cup after Justin Leonard made that putt: Was that what is "wrong with society"?

Tell you what, take your $700,000 check and run it over to Tiger and ask him if he minds not taking a cut of it, because if it weren't for him, that check would be around half of that.

There may be no crying in baseball, but I guess there is crying in golf.

Santiago Flor

Hermosa Beach

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