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Good Vibrations

March 07, 2004|MICHAEL T. JARVIS

Once a month the Southern California Psychic Institute sponsors a Psychic Faire & Spiritual Healing Festival in Santa Monica. For a small fee, clairvoyants of all stripes read auras, examine past lives and zero in on relationships by tapping their intuitive skills. Institute organizers say everyone is psychic--it just takes practice. We asked some of the experts.


Mikey de Lara

28, Studio City

Psychic, karaoke host,

Guitarist-singer with the band Cockeysville

Where is your intuition from?

From myself. I mean, where else?

Are psychics messengers of God?

We all are. I went to a psychic who said she channeled the archangel St. Michael. It just was not cool.

When did you start?

When I was 3 or 4 years old, it was like, "Oh, I saw that coming."

Any examples that stand out?

Recently I've been nailing the Super Bowl. I mean come on, Tampa Bay, a 14-point underdog a year ago? You're kidding me, right?

Your most uncanny prediction?

A friend I work with had friends she hadn't seen in a while. I said, "They're all showing up tomorrow." She said, "No way." Every half hour one of them strolled in, guys she hadn't seen in months.

Do you ever get funny messages?

Someone told me--this is totally obnoxious and egotistical--that the way I laugh at things, I reminded them of the Dalai Lama. He sees everything as it is. Why take anything seriously? This is a flash in time.


Peggy Margaret Richards

61, Shadow Hills

Psychic, house cleaner, Arabian horse breeder, management company owner

Where is your intuition from?

It's my unknowingness in here [points to heart]. And I pray to Jesus.

Do you have a specialty?

My affinity is animals. They're not as resistant as people. If someone's having a problem with an animal that's not eating, you can give that animal a spiritual lull and they will show you mental pictures of what's going on with their life.

When did you start?

When I was 5. My mother was psychic. In Venice, Calif., we saw this guy with tall boots and a top hat and a cloak walk toward us. As he passed, he disappeared. His name was Mr. Kinney. He had been seen all around Venice. This was 1949. Then my cat got killed, and he came back and was playing in the living room to show me that he was OK.

What don't you see coming?

I get about a 12-hour warning for earthquakes.

Have you made any big mistakes?

No. I knew the Patriots were going to win the Super Bowl, no question.


Laura Juilly

41, Los Angeles

Psychic, customer service rep

Where is your intuition from?

Practicing on a really frequent basis and paying attention and using my tools.

When did you start?

About five years ago, I started seeing auras with my eyes open, like seeing a little bit of color on the outside of people and objects.

Describe an unusual experience.

I've helped some people who have died already. I've helped them release the energy and take the next step.

Your most uncanny prediction?

I did a reading for a woman, and I saw her dating these two guys and she ended up marrying one of them. That was kind of fun.

How can you tell if a psychic is real or a fraud?

Try to steer clear of people that haven't really studied.


Joel Hipps

51, Anaheim

Psychic, co-founder of Southern California Psychic Institute

Where is your intuition from?

Basically, the way the game works, there's you, the spirit, and you have a physical body. As spirit, you can see things. How you experience your psychic abilities may be different than how I experience mine.

Your most uncanny prediction?

We don't do predictions here. The future is there for you to create. Right now you're leaning toward a certain way, but all you have to do is release one little piece of energy and other doors can open up.

Do you ever get funny readings?

I could talk about you a little bit, I guess. Your energy is all way above your head.

What does that mean?

It means you're not in your body.

So I'm somewhere else right now?

You're partially somewhere else. Yes.

My wife's pregnant and we're moving.

You're about 80% doing all those other things and about 20% wanting to be here right now.

That's amazingly accurate.

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