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On cruises, forget the formalities

March 07, 2004

News flash for Beverly Beyette ["A Royal Entrance," Feb. 22]: People no longer travel with a seven-piece set of matching luggage, men no longer wear suits while journeying and women now travel without matching outfits with purse.

One of the reasons that cruises have become so popular is that the former stodgy and regimented dress and social codes have given way to casual attire and free-choice dining. Why on Earth would someone who never wears a suit and tie want to dress formally on a cruise? We take cruises to get away and be ourselves, warts and all.

Charles Jones



Madam stretched out on the couch, in her less-than-casual dress, and had the best laugh of the day reading Beyette's description of her Queen Mary 2 experience.

How grateful I am I was not there to witness the mixing with the bourgeoisie from the less costly accommodations and anguish at the fate of only two formal evenings. Ah, life is so cruel.

Barbara Howard

San Clemente

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