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Providing help for disabled travelers

March 07, 2004

Regarding "Disabled Passengers Are Finding Flying an Improved Experience," Jan. 18: I am the executive director of Open Doors Organization, a social action, research nonprofit in Chicago. We are working with nearly every major airline to educate them on travelers with disabilities. We strive to make travel a good, smooth experience for everyone.

The 2002 Open Doors Organization Market Study on Travelers With Disabilities showed that travelers with disabilities spend $13.6 billion a year on travel. About 30% of adults with disabilities have traveled by air in the past two years (or 9.4 million air travelers total). They said they would take two or more flights a year if airlines were to accommodate their needs as a person with a disability. This translates into 18.8 million more flights -- and means that air spending by the disabled community could double if airlines made the necessary accommodations.

The top features or services that airlines need to offer: more accommodating staff; guaranteed preferred seating; and a designated employee at check-in and arrival.

We don't travel alone. We travel with at least one companion, so you could double the above numbers.

Eric Lipp

Executive Director

Open Doors Organization


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