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Let's Hear Some Real Campaign Issues

March 08, 2004

Re "Kerry May Be Driving, but He's Yet to Signal," May 5: Now that Sen. John Kerry is the probable Democratic nominee for president, perhaps some actual debates and discussion of the issues will occur.

To date, the Democratic strategy has been to attack President Bush, attack Bush and, um, attack Bush. Barring a few sharp, and occasionally witty, discourses during the Democratic debates, I've seen little evidence that the Democrats actually have any other platform.

Let's see if Kerry can actually go toe to toe with the president on the truly pressing issues of the day and steer clear of "attack politics." I'm not holding my breath.

Steve McCombs



You repeatedly imply that any disagreement with the policies of George W. Bush is a move away from the center and toward the left. God help us all if the positions of Bush are now considered the center of American politics.

Richard Nathan


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