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Population Explosion Strains the Earth

March 10, 2004

Re "Immigrants Change Face of Old Europe," by Charles Kupchan, Commentary, March 3:

I'm amazed at the lack of concern for future generations demonstrated by Kupchan. The Earth's population overall is exploding, and the best idea he can come up with to solve the economic problem of an aging populace is to increase the population?

Why don't we try to fix the economic system in question rather than simply procreate until the planet's resources are taxed to the point at which they can no longer support human life?

I know he is talking about the immigration of people who already exist, but the logical conclusion of his argument must result in an exponentially growing worldwide population.

Let's face it, the Earth would be better able to sustain a population of about 1 billion people, not the current 6 billion, and certainly not the soon-to-be 20 billion or 50 billion people (at current rates, say, in 100 years). The countries of Europe with declining birthrates should be lauded for thinking ahead and for their concern for their children and their children's children.

Clearly, what is needed is a better manner in which to deal with longer life spans and the attendant socioeconomic problems rather than a policy of unlimited population growth on a finite-sized planet.

Jay Sedrish

Playa del Rey

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