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A battle of action queens

March 11, 2004|David A. Keeps | Times Staff Writer

The most unlikely Hollywood action figures to emerge in recent years are Ashley Judd and Angelina Jolie, glamorous women who've made fortunes playing rough. Next week, they go head-to-head in cop thrillers, as Jolie's "Taking Lives" opens against Judd's "Twisted" (which has grossed $16.8 million in two weeks).

Who will make the big box office collar?

On the blotter, they appear equally matched. But if you follow the domestic box office evidence, the most fatale of these femmes likely will be the one with the fat lips.

Ashley versus Angelina

"Normal Life" (1996) -- A blond Judd plays Pam Anderson(!), a drinking, drugging, machine-gun-toting, modern-day Bonnie Parker.

Straight to video

"Kiss the Girls" (1997) -- Judd plays a doctor/kickboxer who escapes the clutches of a kidnapper and brings him to justice.

$60.5 million

"Double Jeopardy" (1999) -- Framed for her husband's faked murder, Judd toughens up in prison and hunts down her hubby.

$116.7 million

"Eye of the Beholder" (2000) -- In a series of costumes and wigs, serial killer Judd slaughters wealthy men.

$16.4 million

"Foxfire" (1996) -- A leather-clad Jolie leads a girl gang against a molesting biology teacher.


"Bone Collector" (1999) -- A cop haunted by her dad's suicide, Jolie tracks a serial killer for forensics expert Denzel Washington.

$66.5 million

"Gone in 60 Seconds" (1999) -- Jolie attempts to answer a question she poses to Nic Cage: "What do you think is more exciting: Stealing cars or having sex?"

$101.6 million

"Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" (2001) -- As the archeological adventurer trained in martial arts, she saves the world and sets up a sequel.

$131.1 million

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