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Bush's Resistance to the 9/11 Inquiry

March 11, 2004

I was gratified to read that President Bush has agreed to meet with the 9/11 commission for more than the one hour he had originally proposed (March 10). He is a busy man and has other priorities. Isn't there a NASCAR event coming up?

He still wants to limit his audience to two commission members. If too many people are involved, somebody may leak embarrassing details to Robert Novak. His devotion to getting to the truth regarding this greatest disaster in American history is an inspiration to us all.

Paul Wicker

Manhattan Beach


Robert Scheer's March 9 commentary on Bush's use of 9/11 images for personal political advantage and his resistance to accounting to the Congress about the truths known prior to and after the disaster is deeply troubling. Bush's credibility and integrity are eroded by his resistance to the inquiry and his grudging agreement to an interview only as long as it is not under oath. I know. Separation of powers. It's not a trial, etc. But in my book, he gives the appearance of being afraid of the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

John M. Freter

Yucca Valley


I held my nose and read Scheer's latest anti-Bush harangue -- this time accusing the president of using his political ads to exploit the 9/11 tragedy "as a reelection gimmick." Scheer goes on to state that the ads were condemned by a firefighters union and many of the 9/11 victims' relatives. What he doesn't mention is that the firefighters union in question weeks ago endorsed Sen. John F. Kerry. He also fails to note that the entire negative response to the Bush ads was cynically orchestrated by the Democratic Party.

So, Mr. Scheer, was it our president who did the exploiting or the Democrats themselves?

Craig Luther



Re Scheer's column: 9/11 happened on Bush's watch.

Chris Pearson

Spring Valley, Calif.


Why all the furor over the Bush campaign ads, with these complaints that he is exploiting the tragedy of 9/11? Where has everybody been? Members of the Bush administration are using the same method they have been using for the last three years: exploiting the fears of all Americans for political gain. It's how they got into the White House before, so why wouldn't they try it again? The salient question is this: Will they get away with it this time, or have we finally begun to wake up?

Warren Bowman

Los Angeles


What a brilliant ploy for the Bush administration to justify everything it does with its self-named "war on terror." Since terror is a state of mind, there can never be a declared end to this "war." It gives Bush carte blanche to do whatever he wants, including the suspension of legal protections and civil rights.

Robert Nofer


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