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A Reversal in the Case of Justice Scalia

March 11, 2004

Re "Scalia Addressed Advocacy Group Before Key Decision," March 8: When I was in law school, I would argue with my fellow students who said that Justice Antonin Scalia was an ideological right-winger. I argued that at least he was intellectually honest and derived his opinions from legal precedent, unlike some of the other justices. I must apologize to my fellow students. It has become apparent that Justice Scalia is as results-oriented as any other ideologue.

He voted in favor of his son's client in Bush vs. Gore. He attended a fundraiser for an anti-gay organization while considering Lawrence vs. Texas. He went hunting with the governor of Kansas while two cases involving that state were before the court, and now he goes hunting with Dick Cheney while the vice president is a litigant before the court. An ethical judge would have recused himself in each instance. Scalia just quacks. The only answer is to impeach Justice Scalia now.

Randall H. Stoner



Isn't it time to stop asking for Scalia's recusal and start demanding his removal?

Rhys Thomas

Van Nuys

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