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'Young Frankenstein' musical awaits its Broadway creation

March 12, 2004|Gordon Cox | Newsday

NEW YORK — "Young Frankenstein," the next Mel Brooks musical, is coming along nicely, but its creators still aren't sure when the public can expect to see it on Broadway.

"We've got Act 1 done, and we've written about 10 songs," reports Thomas Meehan, the Tony-winning book writer who also collaborated with Brooks on "The Producers."

He and Brooks expect to return to the project in May but have no firm timeline for the production.

"We've always felt we'd just keep working on it until we finish it," he said.

In the meantime, Meehan needs to finish the screenplay for "The Producers," the new movie version of the musical inspired by the 1968 film. He hopes Nicole Kidman will join the cast as the blond bombshell Ulla, and he said Kevin Kline was interested in playing the crazy German playwright Franz Liebkind.

Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, now playing the final month of their return Broadway engagement, will reprise their roles in the film, due in late 2005.

Meehan said he and Sylvester Stallone continue to toy with the idea of a "Rocky" musical.

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