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Schwarzenegger Gives No Favor to Consumers

March 12, 2004

The "nonpartisan" governor just removed Patrick Dorais, the head of the Bureau of Automotive Repair, after a period of tough enforcement of fraud protection laws for consumers (March 9).

Evidently Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks that it is unfair for the state to prosecute businesses that swindle their customers. It gives the lie to the guy who claimed no allegiance to special interests. We still keep seeing news reports referring to Schwarzenegger as one who is above partisan politics. Get real. He is just another Republican who will sell us out to any crook with a corporate letterhead.

Winsor Crosby

Long Beach

The stated mission of the California Department of Consumer Affairs, which includes the Bureau of Automotive Repair, is "to promote and protect the interests of California consumers." Dorais has done that. Schwarzenegger should concentrate on the failing departments, not the successful ones.

S. Gwen Cox

San Jose

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