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Plaschke Goes Around the Ben

March 13, 2004

After reading Bill Plaschke's "Madness of March Always Kind to Lavin" article of March 10, it has become perfectly clear why UCLA fans constantly endure such a bad rap.

Yes, Bruin basketball has been disappointing this season, and yes, there is a possibility that Ben Howland won't be the savior of Westwood. But to now devote an entire article, essentially sanctifying and defending Steve Lavin simply because Howland's first year was tumultuous is ludicrous. After all, this is the same writer who skewered Lavin after his firing last year stating that "the players stopped learning, the recruits stopped coming, the fans stopped cheering, and the tradition of consistency stopped, period" and also added "the most lasting mistake of the Steve Lavin era was, simply, the creation of that era."

But Plaschke now seemingly relishes the Lavin years and those truly monumental Sweet 16s. Reading his articles is like dealing with Drew Barrymore in "50 First Dates."

Cliff Chew



I didn't know Steve Lavin had become a stand-up comic. Look at his line about UCLA: "They have the potential to have three NBA first-round draft picks and five players who could eventually play at the next level."

Was he referring to Ced Bozeman, probably the most overrated Parade All-American in the history of high school basketball? Or Dijon Thompson, who has about as much heart as the Tin Man? Or their post men, neither of whom could start at Sacramento State?

Jim Singiser

Hacienda Heights


I agree with Ben Howland that Bruin players need to be tougher and play better defense. This team has a few too many players who just don't have that in them.

But Howland may also need to let go of his love for the Big East just a bit and realize that he's in the Pac-10 now. We play offense on the West Coast. Bruin players need to adjust to Howland's defensive and rebounding philosophies. But Howland also needs to realize players don't come to UCLA to play a boring, Big East-style offense.

Dave Anzivino

Los Angeles


Most people blame politicians for everything that's wrong with the world. UCLA supporters are different; they blame Steve Lavin.

Mark Higgins

Van Nuys

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