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A woman's place

March 14, 2004

The struggle of women in an uneducated and insensitive society goes on; our current condition is reflected in what the film industry produces.

Never before has the Academy Awards demonstrated the need for women's cultural and social education as powerfully as it has this year. The extremes of a woman's place in society were both brought to the Academy Awards in two powerful, vibrant films: "Whale Rider" and "Monster."

The message of "Whale Rider" cuts across all cultures and leaves the watcher aware of the struggle of females from earliest childhood, the message being that girls should be nurtured and encouraged as early in life as possible.

"Monster," though, demonstrated with equal power the result of our social practice of using a woman up and destroying her self-identity and potential before it has begun to live.

Our society and the academy continue to choose the monster.

Jackie Arispe


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